Injecting Mockito objects into application code using Roboguice and Robolectric

Roboguice is a dependency injection library for Android that allows you to instantiate objects by using annotations.┬áIn addition to making your code more portable it makes it easier to test via unit testing. Mockito is a library for creating mock objects during testing. This is helpful when you need to have certain objects in your code return a known result… Read more →

Getting Chromecast to work with Unblock Us using the RT-AC66U

Getting this setup was quite easy and based on posts I found on Reddit. Use the router’s firewall to block the chromecast from using it’s built in DNS. In the router’s web console you go to Firewall (under the advanced settings) and block the destination ip and Again in advanced settings under LAN > DHCP server set the… Read more →

YUI compressor missing formal parameter error

I was going about minding my own business and compressing some js when i got tis “missing formal parameter” error. It seems that the yui compressor library get’s tripped up if you name variables the same as primitive java types e.g. char. In my case I name some geo variables lat and long (long being a java primitive type). Read more →