Easter Egg Hunt

April 10, 2020

Wepala Easter Egg

It’s Easter, and my family and I usually host an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids. Currently, because of COVID-19 strict social distancing guidelines are being followed, and we plan to have a small hunt with our kids this year. On Saturday (April 4th), I thought it would be a great idea to create an Augmented Reality Easter Egg Hunt where a “bunny” would place eggs using the app, and participants can find the eggs using the app.

A few days before Easter Sunday, and here is the first release! You can download the apk. I’m also trying to put in the play store but not sure it will be approved in time (it being Easter and all :) ). I’d love to get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. I’d also like to hear what folks would like to see next.

Below are some of the features I planned. The crossed-out items are those that didn’t make the initial release


  1. Hiding eggs in an Augmented Reality World
  2. The ability to choose eggs to hide from a list (basket ?)
  3. Create and/or source new egg designs
  4. Invite participants
  5. Track the progress of the hunt
  6. Declare a winner!

    Egg Hunter

  7. Join an egg hunt using an invite code

  8. Setup an account

  9. Find eggs in an Augmented Reality World

  10. View the progress of the hunt

  11. See egg details

We worked on it in a very limited space of time (5 days), but we were able to learn a lot along the way. I am pleased to say that we got something completed, and I’ll be sharing some of those learnings in future posts. I didn’t do all the work myself; Simon Sankar helped with the design, Kevin Christopher helped out with on the home stretch with some of the fine tunings. The rest of Wepala helped test, gave feedback, and added to the list of ideas.